Examples: Cheval is the French word for horse, it is masculine. la plus sportive les plus sportives la moins sportive les moins sportives. 2 Noun; 4. Times, Sunday Times (2012). This comfortable women's sweatshirt features a flower graphic and a feminine cross-over collar. Of a male character and of a female character. site de rencontre non payant yaourt how to date a french guy nicknames

Gender of the French Noun | Help me Learn French

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If the masculine form ends in é (e-acute), add another -e for the feminine form: Masculine singular, Masculine plural, Feminine singular, Feminine plural. journaldesfemmes. esprit sportif. The French word 'sportive' is a feminine word. 3. Example: Félix est un chat blanc. sportif m (plural sportifs, feminine sportive). - you have 

2 Nouns (a) The definite article Nouns in French are masculine or feminine. The words for 'the' are: le (masculine), la (feminine). Examples te mari la femme (b) The indefinite article The words for 'a/an' are: un (masculine words) and une (feminine words). Examples un emploi une fabrique The indefinite article in French is  the frenchman in the matrix conseil rencontre meetic

Over 100000 English translations of French words and phrases. Etymology[edit]. According to another theory, French espion is borrowed from Italian spione. Espeon - Pokemon X and Y: Name Type 1 Type 2 Gender Espeon - Male: 87.5% Female: 12.5% Height Weight Species Egg Group(s) 2'11" 0.9m 58.4 lb. Biology  dating a guy gay f match site de rencontre gratuite

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French Grammar: Masculine and Feminine Nouns : The LEAF Project

frenchmen joke rencontre mariage bamako 'croissant'. (masculine). singular. le croissant. plural. les croissants (The fact that the plural 's' is silent in French can be startling at first: in English that's how we know a word is plural or not. In spoken French it is the article not the noun which changes pronunciation to indicate plurality. 'Croissant' and 'croissants' are 

There is nothing feminine about la tarte or masculine about le repas. The reason this distinction is so important is that French grammar uses the fundamental principle of gender agreement of the whole chain of words linked to the noun. Look at the following examples: La nouvelle voiture est belle. "The new car is beautiful." skype meeting chat meetic affinity gratuit femme Ma goes with feminine words: Ma trousse (f) – My pencil case Mon also goes with any word that begins with a vowel, masculine or feminine – to make it easier to say. French Possessive Adjectives; Owner Gender and Number of Object Owned French Possessive Example; je (I) See how versed you are in French possessive 

fonctionnement site meetic dating french guy So today, we're learning about important little words. In English, you say a man, a woman, a book. How do you say "a" in French? Well, you'll have to work out if it goes with a masculine or feminine word. For example;. Un_homme = a man. As we don't pronounce the "h" in French, you link the words and actually say "un 

v meeting chatel Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search. What is the masculine form of "une copine"? un copain. What is the feminine form of "un élève"? une élève. What is the masculine form of "une étudiante"? Provide the French equivalent of "a teacher"'. Include the indefinite article. un professeur. speed dating oxford

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13 juin 2016 How to know if a word is masculine or feminine in French.

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